Milano my love

One of my favorite countries, Italy.  I always love coming to Milano, it may be the umpteenth time I’ve been here and I love it every single time.  Always fun to fly with your best friends, this time I am with Jc, Ram and April.  A little sad because this is the first flight without Kristine, Tin and I would always have a Milan flight, one of our favorite flights to request for.  

This layover was 37 hours, just enough time to go downtown in the city center called Duomo.  Duomo is actually translated as church in Italian.  The Duomo di Milano is basically called Milano Cathedral in English.  This is where all the shops and restaurants are located and for us crew, we casually call it ‘going to Duomo’, meaning the city center where we shop and eat.  So we did just that, ‘went to Duomo’ to shop and eat.  

We are in Italy and of course the menu will be pasta, pizza and gelato!  Another one of our favorites is the iced coffee, just black coffee not on ice just chilled, no sugar or anything.  It’s amazing.  

Always a treat to go to this marvelous city.  

Milan, Italy November 10-11, 2013

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